Cup printing machine

Print Buckets , Tubes and Cups: Hollow body printing machines from WDB Systemtechnik GmbH.


Print Buckets , Tubes and Cups: Hollow body printing machines from WDB Systemtechnik

Hollow body printing machines on basis of dry offset/ letterpress in Satellite configuration are a core competency of WDB Systemtechnik.

As an innovative manufacturer we orientate us according to the needs and products of our clients. During a dialogue with you we will find the optimal way to a most efficient solution.  In order to achieve this goal we sometimes deviate from the common norm. We will completely adapt to your requests. For example, if you had good experience with certain machine concepts, we will gladly take that into consideration.

Machines from our program are:

EDM 6-30 – servo controlled 6-Color-printing machine for Buckets with a Diameter of 100 to 400 mm

Printing machine for the printing of Buckets and similar round/conical, oval and rectangular packaging units.

  • Max. printing image height 380 mm
  • Max. printing image length 1100 mm
  • Max. Container height 420 mm
  • Equipped with 3 to 6 Colors
  • Fully servo controlled
  • Combined  4-/8-Station index
  • SPS Control
  • Longitudinal register
  • Quick-change mounting
  • Ink feed roller, motor driven
  • Cliche cylinder adjustment
  • Color register of hollow body over Servo
  • Electric adjustable ink feeder
  • Zero backlash drive gears
  • CNC storage package (optional)
  • Automatic adjustment of printing tower (optional)

Many more functions can be integrated for various applications. Contact us for an individual solution concept for your specified requirements.

EDM 6-3 – 6-Color-printing machine for Cups, Tubes and small Buckets with a diameter of 30 to 230 mm

Equipment similar to the EDM 6-30, for printing on tubes, small buckets, cups, cartridges and other small packaging containers made from synthetic material.

  • Max. printing image height 200 mm
  • Max. printing image length 628 mm
  • Max. Container height 230 mm