Adhesive tape test station


A self-supporting printing unit for endurance testing of cliché adhesive tapes with modern control- and drive technology. The setting traverses can be read and adjusted to a hundredth of a millimeter by digital clock.

The well-proven FD2 flexographic rotary printing unit with sleeve change function for the impression cylinder accelerates to a speed of up to 500 m/min.

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  • Solidly constructed printing unit column for mounting an FD2 printing unit
  • FD2 Flexo rotary printing unit
  • Bearing of the impression cylinders with removable bearing upper part
  • Designed for sleeve change with installed cylinder
  • Impression cylinder as a clamping cylinder, for holding one sleeve 500 mm wide or up to 3 sleeves each 160 mm wide, with a diameter of 102 mm
  • Screen roller
  • dipping roller
  • 2 integrated measuring devices
  • Modern servo motor technology
  • Modern controller and safety technology
  • Mobile electrical cabinet with control panel
  • Sleeve width: 500 mm
  • diameter sleeve cylinder: approx. 102 mm
  • Sleeve circumference: approx. 360 – 600 mm
  • Speed: 500 m/ min (without material web transport)
  • Printing speed, optional: 100 m/ min (with material web transport)
  • cliché thickness: 0.76 mm – 2.84 mm