Line printing unit

vmax.=600 m/min

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  • The printing unit is equipped with a quick release lock in order to mount it onto the machine integrated crossbeam.
  • The Flexo-Inking unit consists of a pressure cylinder and an anilox roller, including a chamber blade, all components are fixed one-sided in the FW.
  • The integrated gearbox contains a timing belt drive for RW and DZ, the unit is driven by a Siemens-Servomotor, which is displaced upwards.
  • Separate manual adjustments for pressure cylinder and anilox roller.
  • Automatic pressure on-pressure off adjustment over the pneumatic twistable crossbeam.
  • The two chamber heating system is mounted underneath the inking unit. The inner heating chamber contains an IR-bar which is adjustable in its performance. In the inner chamber the air is supplied over a fan and over the IR-bar heated up, over the outer chamber the air is sucked away.
  • Ink container including adjustable ink pump for the ink circulation.
  • Small electric cabinet for the receiving of the components, including panel for the operation.
  • Traversable system transportation- and handling carriage over which the FW is lifted electrically (exchangeable battery system with two batteries) into the latch of the crossbeam. Additionally all units like fan, ink pump, ink container, control cabinet and FW/splash guard are mounted and stored this way.