Rotary Die Cutter

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Picture of a rotary die cutter


Type: Double Rotary Die Cutter RSM-330 / 2

  • Precise and solid designed steel construction, to withstand the extreme, dynamic cutting forces
  • Cross beam made out of steel to apply the cutting force onto the distance rings
  • Double bearing supported unwinder with pneumatic expansion shaft
  • Side edge control with integrated cutting table
  • Splice detection sensor
  • Slitter with four circular score cutters
  • Single side bearing supported matrix waste winder

Technical Features:

  • Working width: max. 330 mm
  • Material width: max. 350 mm
  • Format width: 200 bis 635 mm
  • Roll diameter: Unwinder: max 1000 mm / Rewinder: max 400 mm
  • Roll weight: max. 150 kg
  • Web tension: 20-100 N
  • Mech. machine speed: 5–100 m/min

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